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Quantum Linguistics is a language system that takes into account the Quantum nature of the human nervous system: it sees the human nervous system as a holographic unit, a quantum mechanical device powered by mind – literally powered by the pictures and self-talk we generate. So what ever we picture we get ! Mechanistic sciences like astronomy, chemistry and Newtonian physics are essentially mathematical, and even biology and psychology are based on calculation and measurement such that mind is merely a name for certain patterns of electrochemical interaction in the brain and the universe as a whole consists of nothing but an inexorable flux of physical actions and reactions with solid bodies moving in empty space. People are reduced to mere sub-patterns of an inherently meaningless universal pattern as mechanistic science has become widely accepted as the only source of genuine knowledge.

Our mechanistic concepts of space, time, matter, object, cause and effect have been turned upside down by Quantum Physics: the notion of empty space has suddenly lost its meaning and the concept of solid objects has been shattered. Quantum Physic’s theoretical concepts strangely converge with many Indigenous worldviews that have been held for eons. Australian Aboriginal peoples for example, see all living and non-living things as interconnected, and although there are various autonomous parts – human, animal, inanimate (shapes and boundaries around shapes) – the emphasis is on connectedness, and the responsibility for homeostasis or ecological balance.

Richard Bandler and John Grinder made neuro-linguistics into a base theory and simultaneously into a tool for therapy. Dr Tad James in Prime Concerns, citing Dr Paul Goodwin’s Foundation Theory , goes further and suggests the human body is a quantum mechanical device, subject to the laws of quantum mechanics, and posits that behaviour can be moderated via the effective use of language. He asks, “how do we structure our language (mental pictures and sounds) in such a way to effect change in the device?” He has given us a language process based on Quantum Physics. He suggests functional blockages in the nervous system are the result of ‘parts’ (sub personalities) which have been created at various times in our lives, perhaps via modelling or arising out of traumatic incidents and these non-integrated parts are the source of in-congruency and imbalance in the system.

Designing interventions based on integration and inductive language (specific to global) rather than deductive language (global to specific) blows out the boundaries of the parts because of the inductive pattern. Finding the incongruence between the surface and deeper meaning of words forms the basis of a ‘Prime Concerns’ intervention and highlights what is missing and needed at a deep linguistic level. After all, our values are predicated by the deeper linguistic connections.

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